SembaSonic™ 10X Protein Extraction Reagent


SembaSonic 10X Protein Extraction Reagent is a proprietary concentrate containing a non-ionic detergent designed for preparation of cell lysates from E. coli. When used at a 1X final concentration, soluble proteins are gently released without denaturation or interference with activity. When combined with a buffer such as Tris or phosphate, Lyse-Aid™ Recombinant Lysozyme, and Benzonase® Nuclease, bacterial cell walls are effectively disrupted and nucleic acids are degraded to produce a non-viscous protein extract suitable for assays or chromatography. SembaSonic provides an easy, fast and economical substitute for physical disruption such as sonication or French Press homogenization. SembaSonic is ideal for rapid preparation of bacterial cell lysates for purification of recombinant proteins with Semba’s Octave™ Chromatography System. Use 5 ml 1X SembaSonic in a desired buffer per each gram of cell paste.

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SembaSonic™ 10X Protein Extraction Reagent

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