Octave® Column Stand

The Octave® Column Stand is a versatile 8-position holder for chromatography columns. The stand features a unique clamp assembly that accommodates columns up to 3.8 cm in diameter (OD). Each column is firmly held by its barrel with an integrated stainless steel spring clamp, with its outlet end supported in a slot on the lower plate. The position of the clamp assembly is infinitely adjustable along the central post by means of a locking lever that can be operated with one hand. By adjusting the height of the clamp assembly, columns up to 45 cm long can be conveniently secured. The stand is ideal for use with Semba’s Octave Chromatography Systems, as well as for general laboratory use as a sturdy and versatile 8-position stand.

  • Securely holds 8 columns up to 3.8 cm diameter x 45 cm long, minimum length 5 cm
  • Spring clamps for rapid loading/unloading; no thumbscrews
  • One-hand adjustable height with single locking lever
  • Compact footprint

Octave® LDV Column Stand

The Octave® LDV Column Stand is a versatile 8-position holder for small- to medium-size chromatography columns. The LDV (Low Dead Volume) designation refers to the key feature that this stand holds columns as close as possible to the Octave Chromatography Module’s column ports, therefore minimizing the lengths of tubing needed for column inlet and outlet connections. This stand is especially useful for performing separations with small columns (e.g. 1- or 5-ml cartridges) when a vertical column orientation is preferred. The simple design consists of a stainless steel pegboard with four rows of eight holes, plus vinyl-coated metal spring clips that can be attached in any configuration. This allows the stand to accommodate and position columns with outer diameters up to 1.5 cm and various lengths.

  • Securely holds 8 columns up to 1.5 cm OD x 15 cm L
  • Spring clips for rapid loading/unloading; easily moved and replaced
  • Pegboard design accommodates multiple configurations
  • Compact footprint

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