The Octave 300 Pump is designed for use with the Octave 300 Chromatography System. The heavy duty motor, ceramic pistons and other precision components enable reliable performance over years of rugged use. Flow rate can be set in 0.1-ml increments from 0.0 to 300.0 ml/min. Available with stainless steel or PEEK (metal-free) flow path.

  • Integrated prime/purge valve
  • Dual inlet and outlet check valves assure reliability
  • Self-flushing pump heads
  • Front panel flow adjustment in 0.1 ml/min increments
  • User designated upper and lower pressure limits. The pump is automatically stopped if the pressure drops below the preset lower pressure limit (the lower pressure limit is enabled after 50 pump strokes) or if the pressure exceeds the upper pressure limit
  • Microprocessor advanced control
  • Tactile response, chemically resistant front panel keypad
  • Chemically-resistant LED digital display
  • Digital stepper motor design prevents flow rate drift over time and temperature
  • USB and RS-232 communication ports
Flow Rates: 0.0 to 300.0 ml/min
Pressure: 0 to 500 psi
Pulsation: ± 4.0% @ 50 ml/min and 250 psi
Pressure Zero Offset: –0, +2 psi
Pressure Accuracy: ± 1% of full-scale pressure
Flow Accuracy: ± 2% for a flow rate of 0.20 ml/min and above, with 80:20 Water/IPA @ 500 psi
Flow Precision: 0.2% RSD
Dimensions: 5.5″ high x 10.375″ wide x 17.5″ deep
Weight: 23 lbs (10.5 kg)
Power: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 45W
Remote Inputs: RS-232, USB
Inlet and Outlet Fittings:  5/16-24 flat-bottom

Request the following user manual:

  • Octave® 300 Pump User Manual
Product Description Catalog Number US List Price
Octave® 300 Pump, PEEK H1008E On Request
Octave® 300-S Pump, Stainless Steel H1027E On Request
Seal Kit A for Octave 300 Pump A1055K $88
Check Valve Kit, SS for Octave 300-S Pump A1073K $205
Head & Self-flush Kit, SS for Octave 300-S Pump A1074K $454
Piston for Octave 300 Pump A1075K $88
Self-flush Check Valve Kit for Octave 300 Pump A1076K $44
Check Valve Kit, PEEK for Octave 300 Pump A1077K $95
Head & Self-flush Kit, PEEK for Octave 300 Pump A1078K $475