Choosing a System

Octave™ System is a versatile bench scale SMB chromatography system for separations of small organic compounds and large biomolecules at gram to kilogram scale. Semba Biosciences offers three basic Octave Systems (Octave 10, 100, and 300) that have identical footprints but differ in their maximum pump flow rates and the tubing and channel diameters within the Chromatography Module. Options are available for metal-free or stainless steel-containing flow paths for compatibility with a wide variety of solvents and solutions. Standard systems include four pumps; additional pumps and the Octave 4XE UV-VIS Detector are available separately. Please inquire for custom configurations.

Purification throughput will depend on many factors including target compound concentration in the feed, separation chemistry, and required purity specs. Typical throughput and column sizes are given in the table below.

System Maximum Flow Rate Typical Column Size Output per Day (8 hours)
Octave 10 System 12 ml/min 1–10 ml 100s milligrams – 30 grams
Octave 100 System 100 ml/min 10–100 ml Up to 300 grams
Octave 300 System 300 ml/min 50–1,000 ml Up to 1 kilogram