The highest throughput Octave

The system can run up to eight columns connected in series separated by multiport valves that control up to four inlet streams and four outlet streams. The proprietary pneumatic valves are independently controlled to maximize flexibility for programming separation methods via user-friendly SembaPro™ software. Columns can be placed in a convenient 8-position stand included with the system. Up to 8 pumps can be accommodated for performing a variety of continuous chromatography protocols. One or two Octave 4XE UV-VIS Detectors (optional system accessories) can be controlled by the included SembaView™ software for monitoring output streams.

  • Separations up to 1 kg/day
  • Flow rates up to 300 ml/min
  • Column sizes 50-1000 ml

Component Qty. Description
Octave® Control Module 1 Electronic control interface with valve status LED panel
Octave 300 Pump 4 Dual-piston digital pump with choice of stainless steel or metal-free flow path and LED display, flow rate 0.1 – 300 ml/min
Octave 300 Chromatography Module 1 Contains valve block assemblies, main inlet and outlet ports, column ports, pneumatic system, and Tubing Accessory Kit
Powered USB Hub 1 Multiple port hub for pump and Control Module connections to computer, includes cables
Reservoir Tray 1 Stainless steel tray protects top module and holds reservoir vessels
Octave Column Stand 1 Eight-position adjustable stand for holding various size columns
System Software 1 SembaPro™ application and scripts, ScriptWriter™ tool and SMBC Parameter Calculators