The Octave® 4XE UV-VIS Detector is engineered for seamless integration with Semba’s Octave® Chromatography System. This versatile instrument provides simultaneous detection at up to four different wavelengths ranging from 190 nm to 840 nm in a single channel. The diode array design enables reliable, reproducible performance and minimal noise levels. Dual deuterium and halogen light sources provide sensitive detection over the wide range of wavelengths, and a built-in counter monitors work hours for both lamps.

The detector can be controlled via its RS232 interface to a computer running the SembaView™ software application, which can display the output of two Octave® 4XE UV-VIS Detectors for simultaneous monitoring of two outlet streams (e.g. Extract and Raffinate). An integrated keypad provides stand-alone control, and four analog outputs are available for absorbance signal output. Several flow cells are available ranging in application from analytical (up to 50 ml/min, 5 mm path length) to preparative (up to 500 ml/min, 0.3–2.4 mm path length). The cell is easy to replace from the side of the detector.

  • Simultaneous detection of up to 4 different wavelengths from 190 to 840 nm
  • Diode array design
  • Dual light sources
  • Controlled by SembaView software; capable of displaying output of two detectors in one window
  • LED display with touch pad for optional local control
  • Preparative flow cells in PEEK and stainless steel from 0.3 to 2.4 mm path length
  • Flow rates up to 500 ml/min
Wavelength range: 190–840 nm
Typical spectral half-width: 10 nm
Accuracy of adjustment: ± 1 nm
Reproducibility: ± 0.5 nm
Light source: Deuterium discharge lamp and halogen lamp
Noise level at test cell (254 nm, TC 0.75 s): ± 5 x 10-5 AU
Drift at test cell (254 nm after 1 h): 1 x 10-3 AU/h
Materials in contact with mobile phase: PTFE; fused silica, PEEK or stainless steel
Time constant (T90): 0.5 s; 0.75 s; 1 s or 2 s
(T63 0.3s; 0.4s; 0.6s; 1s)
Output for integrator: 1 V/AU
Four 1 V analog outputs for integrator
with sensitivity switching:
5, 3, 2, 1, 0.5, 0.25, 0.1, 0.05 AU/V
Interface: RS232
Power supply: 100–240 V 50/60 Hz 110 VA
Dimensions (W x H x D): 5.3″ x 6.7″ x 16.4″ (135 x 170 x 418 mm)
Weight: 13.2 lb (6.0 kg)

Request the following user manual:

  • Octave® 4XE UV-VIS Detector Manual
Octave® 4X UV-VIS Detector – Includes one flow cell H1034K
Prep Flow Cell 0.3, PEEK H1021E
Prep Flow Cell 0.3, Stainless Steel H1023E
Prep Flow Cell 2.4, PEEK H1017E
Prep Flow Cell 2.4, Stainless Steel H1024E