The Octave® 4XE UV-VIS Detector is engineered for seamless integration with Semba’s Octave® Chromatography System. This versatile instrument provides simultaneous detection at up to four different wavelengths ranging from 190 nm to 840 nm in a single channel. The diode array design enables reliable, reproducible performance and minimal noise levels. Dual deuterium and halogen light sources provide sensitive detection over the wide range of wavelengths, and a built-in counter monitors work hours for both lamps.

The detector can be controlled via its RS232 interface to a computer running the SembaView™ software application, which can display the output of two Octave® 4XE UV-VIS Detectors for simultaneous monitoring of two outlet streams (e.g. Extract and Raffinate). An integrated keypad provides stand-alone control, and four analog outputs are available for absorbance signal output. Several flow cells are available ranging in application from analytical (up to 50 ml/min, 5 mm path length) to preparative (up to 500 ml/min, 0.3–2.4 mm path length). The cell is easy to replace from the side of the detector.

  • Simultaneous detection of up to 4 different wavelengths from 190 to 840 nm
  • Diode array design
  • Dual light sources
  • Controlled by SembaView software; capable of displaying output of two detectors in one window
  • LED display with touch pad for optional local control
  • Preparative flow cells in PEEK and stainless steel from 0.3 to 2.4 mm path length
  • Flow rates up to 500 ml/min