Octave Chromatography System

Continuous (SMB) chromatography made simple


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and ProGMP™ Systems

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The Octave® Chromatography System is an automated liquid continuous chromatography platform designed for preparative-scale purification of chemical and biological compounds. This bench top 8-column system is capable of simulated moving bed chromatography (SMBC) and other continuous multicolumn protocols that increase productivity up to 20-fold vs. conventional single-column methods.

The Octave System overcomes many of the previous limitations of continuous chromatography, including size and complexity of equipment and tedious method development. With its small footprint and modular design, the Octave System brings the high resolution and efficiency of SMBC to the bench top, packing more purification capability into this space than any other similar-size instrument.

  • Faster, more efficient preparative chromatography platform
  • Higher recovery and purity
  • Up to 20-fold greater productivity compared to batch systems
  • Up to 90% cost reduction in resin and solvents/buffers
  • Available in 3 sizes to obtain grams to kilograms of purified product per run
  • Includes method development tools for conversion of single column data to continuous chromatography parameters

Octave 10

Flow rates to 12 ml/min and
output from 1 – 30 g/day.

Octave 100

Flow rates to 100 ml/min and
output up to 300 g/day.

Octave 300

Flow rates to 300 ml/min and
output up to 1 kg/day.

Introduction to SMB Chromatography

Learn more about the basic principles of continuous chromatography.

Isocratic SMBC

Learn more about operating the Octave in classical Isocratic Mode, typically used for separating chiral compounds, sugars, fatty acids, and other small molecules.


Learn more about operating the Octave System in Step Mode, which is used for affinity separations and any “bind-wash-elute” applications where selectivity is high.